Where To Find Your Content Inspiration

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photo credit: svensonsan

I can’t tell you how often I’ve uncovered the seed of an idea from something totally unrelated to marketing that I could twist to apply it in a totally new and relevant way.

Duct Tape Marketing recently did an article on several different and some what unusual places where you can go to find your inspiration that you need for content on your site. These are several places that are great sources that many I’m sure have never even thought to go to.

Sign up for a few different magazines such as business week, entrepreneur, and maybe even Good House Keeping for the women entrepreneurs. Go through this pile and see what you can find to write about. Customer feedback is another great source for content. You can always use their questions and discussions as a blog.

SmartBriefs is one of several sites related to many different business related topics, use these sites to see what a lot of highly talented editors are discussing. Use your Twitter account to set up a small group of very interesting Twitter followers that will alert you every week of all the interesting and new topics they are talking about.

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