BBC WM skin cancer interview
photo credit: Lee Jordan

We have all seen the high increase in un-employment and the high increase in people fighting for the same job. You place an ad in the paper or even online and the next thing you know you have about 30-60 applicants for ONE position. So how do you choose? Just Tell Me How posted an article with some helpful tips on this matter.

Use screening questions. A short list of questions that quickly and effectively screens out candidates who just won’t make the cut. And screens in those who deserve the big interview. But the ‘don’ts’ come first.

Come up with some questions to ask the interviewer that will challenge their ability to respond quickly but yet effectively and their ability to demonstrate their true core skills for that job position. Make the list of questions should be relatively easy for you to do. Just come up with say 3 things that truly demonstrate a great work performance for the job, and then that should pretty much hand you your basic list of questions.

Set aside a certain block of time in your day to do your screening interviews, take notes during these interviews and really listen and pay attention. If need be in order for you to truly focus on what is being said, arrange for someone else to take the notes for you.

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