Bangkok Post:

OCC Plc, a Saha Group marketing arm for fashion and cosmetic products, will begin its multi-level direct-sales business by the end of this month.

The move is aimed at expanding its customer base to attract people with high purchasing power, said managing director Teerada Ambhanwong.

Saha Group has collaborated with foreign partners for many years on consumer products. But many of them cost too much for the mass market, she said.

“The launch of a direct-sales business will create an opportunity for such high-priced products and will be an alternative choice for consumers,” she said.

OCC will officially introduce its direct-sales business at the 13th annual Saha Export and Trade Exhibition at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center from June 25-28.

People looking for a new income opportunity are invited to apply to OCC Direct at its booth at the trade fair.

Screenshot from 13th Saha Group Fair