This vale of tears
photo credit: e³°°°

In recent light of credit crunching down so much and the economy going down the toilet rapidly, we have all seen several articles posted on where to find additional help and financing such as with Angel Investors. However, as with any area of finance even Angel Investors have their bad points about them. Look below for some key phrases that you’ll never hear an Angel Investor actually say even though they are thinking it, recently read about at

  • I only want to support the entrepreneurs who are actually going to make me a lot of money.
  • However the market did last week is impacting my decision this week.
  • I never actually put your check in the mail when i said i did, i was out shopping and forgot to.
  • I’m in this mainly to have fun, if i wanted to actually work then i would have my own start-up.
  • I don’t understand what half the things in the funding agreement mean either, but I’m betting that most of them are to protect me, not you.

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