Are You Sure Your Customers See You?

photo credit: helgabj

While Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and blogging are great tools for communicating quickly and reaching a wider audience and will help to increase your visibility, they work best when done in addition to some of the more traditional marketing methods. 

Try writing a monthly newsletter to update them on you and your company and any new offers or products that you may have gotten in that is of interest to them, as stated on FrontLine Results.

Pick up the phone and give them a quick phone call, even if you end up having to leave a message. Sure, we live in the world of email, but there’s nothing more personal than receiving a phone call from the owner or even manager of our favorite company.

Make sure you have some sort of system worked out for following up with your clients and prospects. Don’t just meet them, give them your speech and then sit back hoping for the best. Reach out and contact them a few day’s later just to touch base with them.

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