Facts On Customer Service

Just the Facts
photo credit: ChiBart

In business we all know that our customers are our “bread and butter”, they are what keeps us alive in business and doing well. The more customers we have, the better we are doing, the less customers we have, the worse we are doing. It’s common sense. So in spirit of our faithful customers, I saw an opportunity to post a small article regarding some facts on customer service.

Fact #1:  You will not obtain huge fans of your company if you are only concerned with milking them dry. If you see them as a dollar sign, you will never see them again, plain and simple.

Fact #2:  Our customers want to believe that we play, that we produce and that we live as a company/brand to make their life better. Enter Zappos. This online shoe company, or rather I should say, THE online shoe company, lives for customer service. The repeat business and the word of mouth marketing have made this company the force it is.

Fact #3:  People talk everyday and spread gossip and word of mouth advertising for business, especially today when the economy is not doing well. So just remember all of the new technology and different ways that your one customer who you just ticked off can turn around and spread the word to 10-100 customers before lunch is over with., recently posted on Microfitgroup.

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