Sidney Miller’s friends have always praised her cookies. So when her corporate job gave out, she went to work in the kitchen.

“So I’m out of a job and in the back of my mind I’m like, because why not?” said Miller.

She started by using her Facebook friends to test the market and take orders. Her company, “Sid’s Viciously Good Cookies,” sold 500 dozen cookies in the past three months. Then you have Mindie Doney and Julie Pickens who take the cake. These “mom-preneurs” came up with a better way to wipe kids’ noses. They call it “The Boogie Wipe.” It started in one store and has already gone international.

“It’s a wonderful time to start into a business. But you have to have the right attitude about how you’re going at it,” said Dave Ramsey, “Dave Ramsey Show.”

Image from Boogie Wipes