Small Business Benefiting From Unemployment

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Yes it is tragic when we continue to see the unemployment rate rise every month, it is depressing for most of us and stressful wondering if our job is the next to get cut. However, small business is actually benefiting from the high rise in unemployment, and we all know small businesses is what keeps our world going around.

One in four workers who are now unemployed are considering launching their own small business according to a recent survey.

Understanding Marketing suggested that there is an estimated 7 million people who have lost their jobs. Do the math, that is a lot of new businesses popping up and in the works of popping up. While most of the underfunded small businesses do end up going out of business, it also has been documented that around half of the businesses listed on the fortune 500 list were actually started during a recession. This speaks well for starting your own business during a recession as long as you are well prepared.

There are several areas you will have to learn when starting your own business, especially during our recession. However, there are so many resources located all over the Internet, phone books, news, papers and more that are there to help, and some of them found on the Internet are free of charge to you.

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