Small Business Website Mistakes To Avoid

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Many people think that setting up a website is less detailed then it really is. There are so many different aspects and sectors of setting up a website that either make or break how that website does in terms of traffic it receives. Here are some very important mistakes to avoid when setting up your website, recently posted on

  • You don’t include a clear overall objective for your website. What good is your site if people don’t even understand what the goal of your site actually is?
  • You don’t have any tools to help measure your progress on the site. You need to be able to measure the progress your site has, that way you know what should be tweaked and what is working and can be left the same.
  • Not having some sort of action plan for the people that do make it to your website. This can be something like a sign-up list, weekly emailings, a block of articles for them to read and more.
  • One of the most common mistakes I see is small business owners not focusing on or effectively communicating the value of their service.

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