Angry Face
photo credit: Piez

A headline to your articles is the single most important part of that article. Your headline is what will determine whether a person reads your article, just scans over it looking for important information or simply deletes it without even reading one sentence. Your headline tells what type of article the reader is about to read. Your article very well may be extremely helpful and interesting, but if you don’t include the proper attention getting headline to back it up, the reader will never know what was contained in the article.

Tim Berry has a few suggestions on what you can do with your bad headlines below.

  • There is always the two obvious answers here, you can either delete it, or start over.
  • Figure out how you could add one or even two extra words to it that may spice it up a little bit, something like violent, brutal, devastating. Something that is eye catching.
  • Walk away from it for a few minutes, think about the whole article itself and what it means, then try to think of one single sentence pertaining to the article that would make YOU want to read it.
  • Try browsing some different blog websites where you can look at just headlines and get a general idea of what people are using for attention getting headlines.
  • Or there is always the fall back option, you can leave it as is and blame it on the readers, editors and everybody else other than yourself as to why no one is reading your article.