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Let’s jump right to the question that every woman entrepreneur who’s thinking about starting up a business in today’s economy wants the answer to: “Should I start up now or wait six months?”

There will always be risk in starting up a brand new business whether you do it during a strong or weak economy, and whether you are male or female. No matter when you choose to start your business, you need to consider the following below, located on

  • Unemployment is on a rise at the moment and will continue to be a concern for quite some time.
  • Personal income is at a record low currently. However, it has hit rock bottom, so the only place for it to go is up.
  • Good news for start-ups is that the inflation rate is stabilized.
  • Interest rates are also at a record low currently, which is good news for start-ups obtaining lower rates and being locked in at that low rate.
  • The Dow Jones is predicted to go down more over the next few months, however, it is expected to rise back up slowly over the winter.

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