Imprint In Time Brings Together 7 Businesses Into 1 Franchise Opportunity

You don’t have to look hard if you want to find a sign, they’re everywhere. From the street sign to the sign on the public restroom door, it is pretty easy to figure out that signs won’t be disappearing from our world any time soon. This might even be an industry that continues to expand, if Imprint In Time has anything to say about it.

While they do specialize in signs, that is not all. Imprint In Time also does trophies, shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and a variety of promotional items. The printing possibilities for one of their franchises is endless.

Tell us a little about Imprint In Time.

Imprint In Time is a business marketing company providing services and imprinted products primarily to the business community. Specializing in signage, POP displays, banners and vehicle markings, we provide complete marketing packages inclusive of building signage, vehicle wraps, logo garments, even business cards. We also offer financing of these expensive items allowing the customer to retain funds for other uses. We are a complete one stop shop.

What was the name of your company before you started franchising last year?

Eagle Business Center.

What inspired you to launch the business?

We retired from the corporate world in 2004 deciding to devote full time to a real estate investment company we owned. The RE market began to show alarming signs so we sold all but one property and began looking for something else. No one was providing basic business services in our area (Jasper, GA — foothills of the Appalachian Mountains) so we decided to fill the void.

How has your business changed/expanded since 2005?

We started out doing basic signs, copies, business cards and a few office supplies. As business expanded and our reputation for service became known we began to get requests for various services and products; blueprints — so we added a blueprint machine; wide format color copies — so we added a wide format color machine; T-shirts — we added a shirt printer. dimensional signs — we added a sand blaster and a CNC router. Basically as requests came in, we filled them. There are local competing businesses in all the above categories — however that is there only business. People like us because we save them time and money.

You initially mentioned a 7 business into 1 franchise set up. How so?

1. Signs are a stand alone business, 2. Awards and trophies are a stand alone business, 3. Screen printing shirts & hats is a stand alone business, 4. Embroidering shirts and hats is a stand alone business, 5 Reprographics (blueprints) is a stand alone business, 6. Printing is a stand alone business, 7. Promotional products and personalized gifts is a stand alone business. Through new technology we combine all these services under one umbrella.

What are your franchise requirements?

Franchise fee – $27,000, monthly royalties flat fee $400, 0% advertising contribution (we teach franchisee’s how to market their location via google adwords). We offer a cafeteria style options: the basic minimum package is $65,900 which includes the franchise fee and POS system and is a basic sign shop. The complete turnkey package that provides the franchisee complete market dominance is $198,500. Our lower costs is achieved by allowing the franchisee to deal directly with vendors and to allow them the do their own build out if they so desire. We’ve boiled the fat out of starting a small business. Net worth requirements $300,000 with $75,000 available to invest.

How might you be reached for more information on this opportunity?, [email protected], or my personal cell phone 404-316-8460.

What goals do you hope to accomplish for your business/franchise opportunity over the next year or so?

We have an internal goal of 20 units OEY 2011.

Any advice that you’d like to offer out to another business that might be interested in turning their business into a franchise opportunity?

Systems, systems, systems. Everything has to be in a cookie cutter format. If you cannot put a replicable system around it, franchising it will be difficult.

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