Angry Face
photo credit: Piez

Harvard Business recently wrote an article regarding the fact that employers are still hiring people who already have jobs rather than all of the hundreds who are out of work fighting to get by and pleading for a job! Most employers are doing this in the mind set that those who do not have jobs were second class performers and that is why the previous employer let them go.

This is something that just really irritates myself and many others for so many obvious reasons. One may be un-employed right now for several different reasons such as company cut backs (lowest on the seniority pole got axed), company trying to keep from going bankrupt so they axed several people including good workers and so many other reasons.

Just because one is currently without a job does not automatically mean they are a crappy employee. If they were such a crappy employee i would think that their employment dates with their previous company would reflect that of gaps in their employment.

One worry is that if this is indeed a major trend, America’s social contract around work could be at risk. Work hard, many Americans believe, and forward advancement is not only possible, but likely. Tried and failed? No problem, says our culture – pick yourself up and try again. And of course, don’t be afraid to move to where opportunities are – that’s the American way. But we undermine those beliefs when we lock active job-seekers out of opportunities.

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