Making Customer Service Personal

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One of the things your customers hate more than not having personal recognitions is their personal identity being ignored. When you treat every customer as though they are exactly the same, it creates a sense of you don’t understand their needs, their wants, you are only interested in making a quick sale. recently posted some tips on being more personal with your customers.

Were not suggesting that you extend great favors and different policies to each and every customer by any means, but you can take little steps to be a little more personal for each customer. For instance, start by making a personal statement on your website that is related to being dedicated to everyone’s experience with your company.

When you receive questions and or concerns from your customers send out a personal response rather than a generated response. This can be easily done by reviewing your FAQ’S, copying and pasting part of previous answers that may pertain to the new customer.

Create more ways for you to be accessible to your customer base. Not everyone has Internet or email services, so offer other communication ways such as phone, fax, and maybe a special address for them to send questions and concerns in the mail with quick responses. If you come across a ticked-off customer, this person should receive a personal response from you such as a phone call or detailed letter. If they are already upset, chances are that sending a generated email or having someone other than you contact them will only upset them more.

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