Bring Back The Suggestion Box

The New York Times:

For all those small-business owners looking for additional sources of profitable revenue – and who isn’t? – one option may be to go back to something old-fashioned: the suggestion box.

Here are some suggestions about using that old idea effectively.

1. Make it easy. “Don’t enforce rules like: ‘Employees may only submit suggestions on Friday afternoons; suggestions must be typed in a 12-point font and must be between 400 and 422 words.’

2. Think positive. Obviously, you won’t like every idea. Even so, you don’t want to cut off the flow of ideas.

3. Brainstorm. If someone brings you an idea that is “good but not great,” sit down with that employee “and a couple of others and do some old-fashioned brainstorming” and try to get the idea to the point where it is something you can use.

4. Reward the best suggestions. Tangible thanks are always appreciated.

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