Storytellers To Follow On Twitter

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photo credit: Atilla1000

In light of recent posts on improving your blog and how to make your blog work for you, I thought it to be a good idea to post a little list of some storytellers that you should follow on Twitter, recently found on You never know what ideas or story topics for your blog that you will get out of them.

  • Nick Morgan @nfrodom1
    Communications coach/author of “Trust Me.” Encourages leadership through better communications, gestures, listening, speaking. Wonderful tips!
  • Shawn Callahan @unorder
    He has some really great thoughts and insights on how storytelling in business is helpful.
  • Kathy Hansen @kat_hansen She is both a prolific blogger as well as an author. For those of you who are head of career development, she would be great to follow as her tips focus on using storytelling for career development.
  • Terrence Gargiulo @makingstories He is an author and also a speaker. He talks about thought-provoking ideas on how we can better ourselves through storytelling.
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