Stickers For Advertising

photo credit: luis perez

In business we are always trying to come up with cool new ways to advertise, ways that catch peoples attention and save us money in the process.

We all know that one of the best ways to advertise is by word of mouth. It travels fast and very effectively. One way to accomplish this that you may never have thought about until now is by using stickers. A simple and cheaper way to advertise by word of mouth.

Take for example you are running some sort of small petting zoo, when everyone leaves the petting zoo they get a sticker that advertises they were at the petting zoo. Before long all kids who are seeing these stickers are now chanting at their parents wanting to go to the petting zoo until the parents finally give in and take them so they will be quiet. Once again, when they leave, they get a sticker and so it all starts all over again with advertising and all it started with was one little sticker.

Lesson: Sometimes word of mouth is about making it easier for people to talk about you (and making it easy for a LOT of people to talk about you) Andy Sernovitz.

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