The Many Uses Of Googles Calendar

 En Google
photo credit: edans

When we think about Google we think about all of the business tools that we can take advantage of, all the things found on Google that will make our business life easier. However, I don’t think enough credit has ever been made to the Google calendar. Below are just a few of the ways you can use Googles calendar to help in your business found on The Simple Dollar.

  • You can keep track of all of your bill’s due dates. List out the bill, the amount that is due and the date that it is due, even set up a reminder to alert you that the due date is upon you.
  • With Googles calendar you can put in future sales dates. You have a bunch of flyer’s lying around your desk announcing future sale dates for copy paper, ink cartridges and more. Once you put that info into your Google calendar imagine all the free space from throwing away all those flyer’s.
  • Take control of your portfolio planning. I often encourage people to just put their retirement savings in a “target retirement” fund and just forget about it, but many people like to have more control than that.

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