Tracking Social Media Activity

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With all of the information that people post to the Internet very publicly these days, you can paint almost a perfect picture of their lifestyle, their world, likes and dislikes as long as you track their activity and actually put the information into your database.

No matter what approach you employ for monitoring your customer’s social media activity the plumbing that drives it all is RSS technology. Once you understand this notion and then realize that every online social media tool, including very specific twitter searches, produces an RSS feed you can start to think of creative ways to make your own RSS mashups of multiple feeds.

Social CRM is the best way to track your customers social media activity. You take all of your information and put it into your CRM system (including multiple RSS feeds) and it pops up with all of the most recent activity that has gone on from twitter to facebook activity, recently stated on Duct Tape Marketing.

Friend Feed is a tool that enables you to collect a bunch of information in one place and use it in order to connect with your customer base. The only problem with this particular tool for tracking social media activity is that if they are not using it, there is nothing to track on them.

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