Moms-to-be throughout Canada are taking a second look at the skincare products they are using thanks to Kate and Paul, the co-founders of Baby Bump.

When Kate got pregnant she not only gained the glow that every mom-to-be seems to have but she also discovered the extra dry skin and acne that can follow. Along with that she also became very aware of the ingredients that were listed on her favorite creams and potions. Not knowing what some of those things could do to her unborn child when used, she, with the help of Paul, started plans for an all natural product line that would not only be effective but also completely safe for pregnant women.

Since the birth of Baby Bump during that fateful pregnancy nearly 4 years ago, Kate has since welcomed a second bundle of joy and, on March 6th of this year, she also welcomed the official launch of her business on Canada’s The Shopping Channel.

Tell us a little about your business, Baby Bump.

Baby Bump is a NATURAL, SAFE & EFFECTIVE line of skin care products for pre and post natal women. We strongly believe that pregnant women should be able to pamper themselves without worrying about compromising the safety of their unborn child. Our products are the same products women use every day: scrubs, face masks, creams and oils. Products that offer head to toe exfoliation, head to toe hydration. Dryness is one the most common pregnancy side effects, since much of the fluid expectant Moms take in is diverted to the amniotic sac. Our products alleviate dryness and focus on other pregnancy specific issues: melasma, stretch marks, itchiness etc.

What inspired it?

I have spent my entire life battling problem skin – eczema, extreme dryness, sensitivity. When I became pregnant, those symptoms magnified . Like many Moms-to-Be today, I was hyper aware of everything I put in and on my body. Our lives are filled with chemicals and toxins, and having my baby exposed to that made me very nervous. I searched the pharmacy lotion aisles in search of creams and lotions (which I couldn’t live without), only to come home empty handed. Most of the ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. And when I researched them, the result was terrifying. Many of the chemicals were known toxins and contra-indicated during pregnancy. So for peace of mind, I whipped up my own skin care remedies – and a new business was born! Baby Bump is now made in a state of the art laboratory by chemists who have specialized in the natural industry for nearly 20 years.

Out of the four products you currently offer, which one would you say is the biggest seller?

Each product has had its moment in the spotlight! But right now our AWARD WINNING Stretch Mark and Massage Oil is the biggest seller. This product is 100% natural and not greasy. Not many people believe that, until they try it!!! It is specially formulated to help build the skin’s elasticity, giving it a fighting chance against stretch marks. I think people love it so much because it is multi-purpose. Our users love it as a light all over body moisturizer, can use it to help prevent episiotimies, as a massage oil and as of course, a special treat for their baby bump! We were very proud to have won the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) award for this product because those judging are the very people we made it for: Moms!

What does it take to create a pregnancy-safe product like yours? What are some of the ingredients that your skincare products use?

It takes a great deal of patience and lots of research to create products for Baby Bump. Endless hours are spent pouring over ingredients – determining what they do, and if they are safe. Luxury oils are the mainstay of all our products: grape seed oil (which is a superior antioxidant), avocado oil (one of the finest moisturizers in the natural world), olive oil (used for centuries as a terrific moisturizer). Our products make use of nature’s luxurious tropical butters: shea and cocoa (also used for centuries, particularly in the battle against stretch marks). One of the ingredients we are most excited about is pomegranate extract. Pomegranate is nature’s superfood: a superior antioxidant for the skin (which helps fight the environment’s damaging effects).

And finally, we put a healthy dollup of “love” in every product. I can honestly tell you, when I am formulating, my personal care and attention goes into each and every ingredient decision. By the end of the process, I’m emotionally invested!

What are some of the goals you hope to accomplish over the next year, or two?

At the moment, we are putting the finishing touches on two new products: day cream with SPF and night cream. Getting those onto store shelves is definitely a priority. We are currently working on getting the original 4 products to the women who need it – with sales reps across the country pitching maternity stores. We also believe Baby Bump belongs in pharmacies, where pregnant women go on a regular basis. So those are our immediate distribution goals.

Finally, in the next 2 years, I would like to see Baby Bump sold around the world. Ours is a terrific product and I’m confident if belongs on store shelves everywhere.

Congratulations on getting your products shown on Canada’s The Shopping Channel! That must have taken some ingenuity on the part of you and your partner, Paul Bzeta. Without giving away any trade secrets, do you have any bits of advice that might help other businesses reach that level of marketing success with their own products?

To be fair, Paul and I had an advantage in terms of The Shopping Channel coup! We are both long time television news reporters and anchors – this was our “home turf”! Still, getting there required a great pitch and a great deal of passion (something I have in spades – Baby Bump is my third baby after all!) Any kind of marketing success requires a “never give up” attitude. You will be told no (we certainly have been). But be confident in your product and keep going! Someone will eventually say yes, and you will be on your way!

Going from TV news anchor to entrepreneur is quite a step. Did you ever imagine would you end up where you are now?

The truthful answer is NO! I really, really loved my job in television. I’ve traveled the world telling amazing stories, seeing things most never do and meeting incredible people (from major movies stars to astronauts, to future Prime Ministers). But as you might imagine, this was a very time consuming life and when I had children, one that would require me to be gone much of the time. That was not an option – I was committed to personally raising my family. So when I came up with the idea of Baby Bump, it seemed like a perfect fit. Something I could do from home (at least at first), during naps and often into the wee hours of the night. It is ridiculously hard work, but ultimately even more rewarding than anything I’ve done before.

In what ways has your experience (and success) as a news anchor helped you with your business?

Being a journalist taught me to ask questions and really LISTEN to the answers. Baby Bump has required a great deal of research, just like a good news story!

Through the creation & launch of your business, what are some of the lessons your business has taught you?

Patience – first and foremost. The truth is, I’ve never had a lot of patience, so this has been a struggle – tempering the urge to expand even more rapidly than we have (we are also in the midst of launching a NATURAL children’s skin care line called KUDDLES!)

And perseverance. This quality I’ve always had thanks to some terrific parents (who taught me to go after my dreams and never take no for an answer) and to my former career, which also taught me to have a thick skin.