Practical Ecommerce:

I am constantly asked what I do for a living. The answer is complicated and it can be answered in many ways, but I find no one really understands what exactly it is that I do every day.

My typical answer is, I’m a Mom but I also own my business and work from home. Now most people think I’m joking or that I must be selling Tupperware or something. Some politely say, oh that’s nice and move on. I met a woman on the airplane who went on and on about her job as a corporate VP at some large corporation. When I told her I worked at home she said “I think it is so cute that Moms like you are able to stay home with the kids and find a way to keep busy with a little job.” Okay, Number 1, Moms don’t NEED anything else to keep them busy. I don’t care if you have 1 child or 10 children; if you are a Mom you are busy. Number 2, my job isn’t LITTLE.

I could bore them with the details of all the different hats I wear, Mom, Chef, Taxi, Business Owner, Marketer, R & D, Customer Service, Shipping and Receiving, etc. My corporate VP’s are two 7 year-olds that help pack boxes with me in the afternoon, I guess you could say they are the head of our Shipping Dept. But people still don’t seem to get it. I am constantly asked to babysit other kids, because their working parents assume that I don’t do anything all day. I’m home therefore I’m available.

Obviously one of my challenges is how to express what it is I do on a daily basis. That I have to be on the ball, creative and in charge 24/7 not just at my job but also at home with the kids. I don’t punch out at 5pm, in fact I haven’t punched out since our website went live 4 years ago. I own my own business but that’s not all, I am also the head of every department within my business. As mom, there are the kids, the laundry, cooking, cleaning, homework, soccer practice. The list goes on and on.

What is your “Life As A Mompreneur” story? How many job titles do you hold?

Photo by Randy son of Robert