Cops Bust Entrepreneurial Kids

photo credit: Adam Finley

It happens every summer. Someone calls the police and reports that juveniles are selling their product on the street corner. What’s the “dangerous” product? Lemonade, of course.

The call came in at 7:06 p.m. Juveniles, seven of them, on a quiet residential street, selling an uncontrolled substance: lemonade.

A neighbor had dimed them out, and a Haverford Township police officer responded in a hurry.

When he arrived at the two-story brick house on Maryland Avenue, he dutifully informed Dana Kleinschmidt, mother of four of the reputed offenders, who included 5-year-old triplets, that they were violating the law. They were selling lemonade without a permit.

Kleinschmidt was nonplussed. She told the children to cease and desist, but the law was news to her – and evidently to the rest of the township’s police department.

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