Make More Sales at a Party

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photo credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

The IdeaLady thinks that many businesses could sell more by starting a party plan.

The businesses that stand to gain most from this type of direct sales program are those selling products that can be effectively demonstrated in a sort-of-social setting. Jewelry, cosmetics, clothing, kitchen gadgets, home accessories, children’s toys, and more are all successfully marketed through party plans.

Selling consumables, such as cosmetics, can lead to repeat business. When customers try and like the products, they will want to buy more to replace the initial supply.

As shown by Botox parties, parties can be used to sell services, too. The social element was attractive to partygoers, because having their friends there provided support and fun around something involving needles. Other services that could do well in a party setting might include spa services, such as chair massage, facials, and manicures, or a home psychic fair where guests get astrological charts and tarot card readings.

Parties could provide lessons in how to do something. You might charge for the lessons, or they could be part of the fun while selling needed materials and supplies. Guests at crafting parties could learn ceramics, jewelry making or knitting.

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