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Suzanne has always loved to travel. During those travels she would keep notes on the best places to eat, sleep, and visit, creating the ultimate travel guide. After some urging by some friends and family, that ultimate guide is now available online at Suzanne’s Files.

With the help of a few ‘insiders’, Suzanne is able to keep her files updated regularly. Anyone getting ready to travel should take a look and see for themselves what she has to offer.

Tell us a little about Suzanne’s Files.

I continue to be amazed by the multitude of “lifestyle” content that exists, and disappointed by magazines and newspapers who write glowing editorials of their advertisers’ products and services. Suzanne’s Files cuts through the noise and delivers honest, highly personal and opinionated reviews of the high—end lifestyle to consumers who seek quality.

Living in London and having lived in various spots in the US, Continental Europe, and Latin America, I’ve had the great advantage of experiencing so many places, their cultures, its people–all of which I cherry pick aspects I love and fuse into my own everyday life. As a 19 year old American attending university in Paris in the 1990’s, I have since been “culture blending”… and I began making it a personal hobby to “suss out” and collect high quality, mostly niche finds worldwide on where to go, stay, eat, shop, buy, do and be well serviced to enrich my life and those around me. After university in Paris, I worked in media and entertainment in NYC with Faith Popcorn and CBS until a stint with Winstar in New Media brought me back to Europe.

Read more about Suzanne here.

When was it launched?

June 2006 – We launched online to 1,000 friends and acquantances who then sent it on to friends and colleagues!

What inspired you to create Suzanne’s Files?

I had a mini-obsession with finding the best and leaving te rest… most everyone I knew from my early 20s knew of my files and used to ask me continuosly for where to go, stay, eat, to do, best services, top practitioners, etc. So… I knew there was a ‘need’ – a challenge that discerning people were having a hard time solving.

How often are the ‘files’ updated?

Twice a year all files on the website are checked for detail changes and if they are still in business. We add approximately 10 files per week.

What separates Suzanne’s Files from the competition?

Personal, frank and to the point.

What goals do you hope to accomplish over the next year or so?

The more people that use the website and tell their friends, the faster we grow and can introduce more to our fans and readers.

How often do you travel?

Approximately once per month, sometimes 2xs, seasonally depending.

Are there any places you have yet to visit that you would like to see?

Plenty! Among them and on my radar: Corsica, Jordan, Montana, Shanghai, Scilly Islands, Dolomites, San Sebastian.

Before we end the interview, give me a few reasons why I, and anyone reading this, absolutely must visit your website before we travel.

Well… if we have covered, if we have files relevant to where you’re going, the inside scoop with plenty of frank tips and details will guide you like no other source I know of!

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