What makes energy drinks so popular is what makes people like LiveWire Energy, they give you the energy that you need. Except, with LiveWire you get the energy you need with less waste. There are no cans to worry about, just a little wrapper to toss when you are done. Just ask Tony Torgerud, a distributor for LiveWire Energy. He will most likely tell you that they taste better too.

What is LiveWire Energy?

LiveWire Energy is an exciting entry into the fast growing “Chewable Energy” supplement sector. It is what we call a “functional food” that delivers a measured serving of vitamins and energy enhancing components that are much more convenient than the popular energy drinks. LiveWire Energy Chews come in four great flavors, Citrus Mango, Pomaberry, Chocolate, and Mint Chocolate. They are the portable, lightweight, low carb, need no refrigeration, environmentally friendly, take anywhere alternative to the bulky expensive energy drinks.

What separates your product from the competition?

LiveWire Energy Chews are cold processed in a patented system that doesn’t require heat and results in a soft chew without the aftertastes of the energy components. LiveWire Energy Chews are a premium product using only the highest quality ingredients and is shelf stable for at least 12 months. Our lively packaging and extensive marketing program have propelled us to the top of the category. We allow our distributors to choose what method of distribution they want to participate in and support their efforts better than anyone else. Distributors can choose to sell wholesale, retail, vending, fundraising, or any way they feel comfortable. We sponsor almost 2000 athletes nationwide and have entries in most of the major motor sports including Dexter Bean in the NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Camping World Truck series’. Dexter says, “LiveWire for energy, water for hydration, that’s how I race.” Our off road sponsored car won the overall in the BAHA 500. We are also sponsoring a contest for free pit passes at a race Dexter Enters.

When did you join with the company?

I joined the company in September of 2008 after a good career with one of the largest industrial laundries in the nation. I decided with the economy tanking and no jobs available that could replace what I was earning that I would go into business for myself and create my own success story. I partnered with LiveWire Energy after testing a large number of competing products and determining that LiveWire had a distinctive edge with everything they were doing gaining athletes and marketing at the grass roots level. I have sampled the product with thousands of people and have personally seen the overwhelmingly positive response to the product.

Tell us a little about the distributor and dealer business opportunity.

We are looking for distributors in most markets nationwide. Our distributors go into their markets and sell to the small local and regional retailers either as a “rack jobber” or traditional distributor. We provide training over the phone or will travel to your market to train you in all facets of the business. All of the marketing support, brochures, sell sheets, advertising, TV spots and sales presentations necessary for developing a profitable distribution business are developed in house. We can provide protected territories and have a co-op marketing program available for distributors. Our protected territories are based on sales volumes and purchase commitments along with a marketing program. We are tied to the distributors long-term goals and success. A dealer can sign up and just sell in their own retail store or online through our replicated website. Our largest current distributor has sold a chain of sporting goods stores with 28 locations in 8 upper Midwest states by sampling product to their managers and getting the category buyer to try the product. Our website has a small monthly maintenance fee that is paid for with only a couple of sales. We provide an easy way for online sales and our rules protect the traditional brick and mortar locations as well by not allowing online sellers to sell for a cost that hurt them. This opportunity is similar to what was available over the last ten years with the two largest energy drink companies. Had I gotten involved with either one of them when they started, I would say I could be really close to retirement by now. A life-changing opportunity that is within reach of the average consumer typically comes around only once in a lifetime and most people know someone who has said, “if only I had done….”

What are the requirements for joining?

We are not a “franchise” with franchise fees and hidden costs. The only requirements for joining are the desire to be a successful “Brand Ambassador” of LiveWire Energy and the commitment to do what it takes to be successful. We have an independent distributor agreement with some basic rules we need to follow. We know that being your own boss isn’t for everyone, but with our training and coaching, we feel that anyone with average skills can become successful in this dynamic, exciting new market. We have a flexible initial order based on how much territory to desire and how much product you want to deliver to the customers, and ship product nationwide on a daily basis. We have found however that in order to open new accounts it is much easier if you can deliver the product the day you sell it verses telling your customer you will bring it next week.

For you, what has been the best part of selling their product?

The product tastes great and works as it claims, and LiveWire Energy has provided me with the opportunity to meet many new people around the country and allowed me to earn an income that is well above average. LiveWire listens to its distributor input, is responsive and I have traveled extensively with our race team and will be traveling more as we grow. I have gotten to meet some of the neatest people and have heard many cool life stories. This is a relationship business and if you can talk to people and relate to them on a personal level this is very easy. I have also had many people tell me that they could take LiveWire Energy Chews without the stomach problems the drinks gave them and they love the fact that it is “All Energy No Liquid… Chew it Up”.

What goals do you hope to reach over the next year?

We would like to have at least one distributor in each state within the next 6 to 12 months. We also want to develop some additional lines to introduce to our customer base over the next 12 months. We envision a company with a broad base of consumers using our proprietary cold processed “functional food” products as LiveWire can do an entire line of nutritional supplements with their technology. What are your long-term goals? Our long-term goals are to provide as many life-changing opportunities for people around the country as we can without sacrificing our standards. We believe it is possible to have a successful distributor in at least the top 200 markets in the country. Contact us today to see if we are a good fit for you.

What are some of the lessons you have learned since you joined with LiveWire Energy?

I have learned that this business is a business of selling and sampling every day. Take your product with you and give it to everyone you can. You will find that most people will like the taste, and love the price point. I have also learned that persistence pays off and the bigger sales are hard to get while the smaller sales provide consistent long-term regular income. With just 100 small accounts it is reasonable to make a full time income from the product. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it requires a good amount of work and regular follow up with your customers.

Do you have any advice for the people who are thinking about taking advantage of this opportunity?

Give me a call today and talk to me about what your goals and dreams are. With this product you have the opportunity to really change your life. It is possible to get rid of your boss and only answer to yourself. You can get up in the morning, look in the mirror and decide what kind of day you are going to have, and that is a powerful motivator. I can be reached anytime by email at [email protected] or phone at 608-792-8204

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