How To Become More Attractive To Your Clients

return of the pink rose... =)
photo credit: spisharam – Back and Catching up =)

In business owners and managers are always looking for new and creative ways to be more appealing to their clients, their company look more attractive and looking for ways to “one up” the competition. Here are some tips on how to become more attractive to your clients that i recently read about on Freelance Folder.

First off and probably one of the more important ones is to always respond as fast as you can to emails and calls from your clients. The longer you keep them waiting the more they will convince themselves that you do not care about the little guy and that you are just going about your own business not worrying about them.

As always it is acceptable to show off your successful past. Now I’m not saying that you should gloat to every person who walks through your door and parade around like your the king of your niche, but it is good and healthy to show off your success so that your clients see you have been around the block and you do know what your doing.

Be Personal. In these days of information overload and advertising bombardment a little bit of authenticity can go a long way towards winning clients. Show your prospects that you have a personal side, and that you enjoy your work. Take an interest in your clients, their situation, and the overall well-being of their business.

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