St. Lucie West Quiznos Is Closing

Fort Pierce Tribune:

On Sunday, yet another Quiznos will close on the Treasure Coast.

That is when Fabian Andino, owner of the St. Lucie West Quiznos, is throwing in the towel after a two-year battle to stay afloat.

“I have no money in my account and my reserves are gone,” Andino said. “This economy is in bad shape and, in Port St. Lucie, you really feel the recession.”

Andino said his biggest disappointment may be that not only does he not have an income, his five employees will be without work in a bad economy.

Overhead costs for the store have eaten away Andino’s savings and he said he just can’t keep operating in the red.

“The landlord and the bank are cooperating, but not Quiznos,” he said. Andino said the company has failed to return his calls to renegotiate franchise fees or even to give guidance to help him to stay open.

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