Google Tools For Your Business

Google Cookie
photo credit: massless

When starting a web business it is important to have all the resources you can get, it is important that you use these resources to their fullest, it will make your job a lot easier. Even if you already have an existing web business you should take a look at this list of Google tools located on Startup Nation that could greatly benefit your company.

  • Google Channel on You Tube. This tools covers thousands and thousands of videos on everything that is related to google itself.
  • Google Webmaster Tools Checklist. For those of you who work better and faster when you have a list to guide you, this is the tool for you. You can create a list catered to your needs that will help you get off your feet.
  • Google Local Business Center. This is one of the greatest tools for web businesses on Google. This helps you get set up so that your properly listed on Google as well as on Google Maps.
  • Google Analytics. Web analytics solution providing you with insights into your website traffic.

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