Community Brainstorming
photo credit: Adam Tinworth

While yes business meetings are vital to the companies success and help to keep everyone on track and in perspective, some speakers of these meetings tend to drag it out longer then it really needs to be. This causes loss of valuable time which ultimately costs you money. So below I have put together a little list of a few ideas on what you can do during that meetings once it has crossed over into unproductive territory.

  • Make your travel arrangements. Say you have a business trip coming up, make all the arrangements online or on your blackberry, this will actually save you time and money later during work hour’s when you have other stuff to attend to, as suggested on Open Forum.
  • Plan out your “to do” list for the next work day. This will save you hassle and time of doing the next day when your first arrive at work.
  • Get some of your homework done. You know the tedius work that is mostly filling out paperwork to be turned in. This can easily be done during your meetings.
  • Get Your Actual Work Done. When on a conference call, the director of programming at a major non-profit “put the phone on mute so I can tune out while doing other the work I am paid to do.”