Are You Targeting The Right Customer?

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photo credit: uriba

Now that it is summer, many business owners are doing their usual summer promotions and sales. But the the big question today is whether or not your targeting the RIGHT customer for your summer promotions and sales? It obviously doesn’t help to run the promotion unless your marketing towards the right people, as stated on The Profit Repair Man.

When you run a general promotion like “Sizzling Summer Deals”, don’t think that everyone wants/needs it, especially if your message is not directed to any special wants/needs of the demographic that you are promoting.

Before you follow through with your summer promotion ask yourself some questions first. What want or need are you hoping to fulfill for specific clients with this promotion? What is the best way to relay your promotion message to the clients you wish to target? How can you set your promotion as being different from all of your competitors promotions? And does your message fully execute the impulse to buy the product in the end?

Once you have a general idea of the answers to these questions, that should make setting up your promotion and executing your promotion a lot easier for you and thus bring in all the right people that you hope to see during the promotion day’s.

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