Curing Negativity In The Work Place

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It is no surprise to any of us that negative attitudes, whether in business or personal life, can be a real issue. They spread like wild fire causing the people around us to become negative as a direct result of our attitude. Sadly, negative attitudes have been proven to be believed by others more then a positive attitude, positive attitudes are sometimes viewed as false. But there is a cure for curing the negativity and turning it to positive.

Listen to your negative employees. They are going to have a tendency to want to pick at everything. They see it as their duty to protect the organization from the disaster that might unfold if they do not speak up. They can either become your worst enemy or your best ally. Recently stated on

When you call a meeting to talk about these negative issues, start the meeting off first by stating the problem. Then describe how the issue, while viewed by some is small, can actually become a rather big long term problem in the work environment and that it is also distracting to those who are positive people.

At the end of the meeting come up with a way to challenge your employees to strive towards the light, towards the more positive side of the spectrum. Ask them to challenge themselves everyday with at least one task to be positive, over time this will get them in the habit of curbing their negative side in any given situation.

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