Trying to survive
photo credit: giuvax

Blinded by mass layoffs and the financial follies of Fortune 500 companies, we have overlooked a smaller but more important transformation: the increasing importance of small businesses in our economic recovery.

  • Action is the single most important part to a small business surviving during tough economies. Those who just sit around waiting for something to turn around are the ones who will fail. Those who rise up and take matters into their own hands finding numerous creative ways to better their situation are the ones who are most likely to survive.
  • Give your clients what they want and need to feel comfortable. Today more people are staying home, cutting costs, turning down their thermostats to save a little money, and more. So give them the products that entertain them while at home, make them feel comfortable and warm while being at home.
  • Plans are good to have for reference, but the actual “planning” is the best way to go. Always keep planning over and over. Have a few different scenarios worked out in your mind or on paper that way your somewhat more prepared if the worst should happen.
  • In the end, always test your efforts, measure their success, and then go back and do it all over again a few more times. You just may come up with better ideas along the way or maybe even better results the more you do it. As suggested on Harvard Business.