Atlanta Metro News:

Like any small business owner, Tanya Primo-Jones spends many hours a day managing inventory, making sales calls and minding the finances of her home-based company, Primo Activewear of Alpharetta.

Unlike most, she does it with three young boys underfoot.

Primo-Jones is a mompreneur. She is one of an unknown but, observers believe, growing number of mothers in metro Atlanta and America who run businesses from home, making and selling everything from furniture to food, while also watching the kids.

It’s a juggling act, balancing family and work at the same time in the same place. Sometimes, they admit, the balls fall.

“They are loud, wild and crazy and home all day, every day” in the summer, says Primo-Jones, 39, of her 11-year-old and 8-year-old twins. “So, I attempt to build my empire in between making and cleaning up breakfast, lunch and dinner … in between breaking up fights, searching for a runaway dog, baseball practice, swim lessons, doctor appointments … “

All that can leave her wondering if she’ll be able to take her business “to the next level,” and worrying whether her boys are watching too much TV and playing too many video games while she works.

But, Primo-Jones says, there are big benefits too, mainly that, “I get to be there for them.”

Plus, she says, her children, who think her T-shirt business “is cool,” can learn lessons firsthand about hard work and perseverance.

Logo from Primo Activewear