Summer Camp, With A Twist


We’ve all heard of summer camp, boot camp, even fat camp. But how about a camp for young women with a knack for business?

That’s the idea behind Girls Inc. Corporate Camp for Entrepreneurs, a week-long workshop held earlier this month in New York City for 20 girls between the ages of 15 and 18.

Now in its fourth year, the camp hand-picked its attendees from a pool of 70 applicants across the U.S. who competed in teams with like-minded young women to come up with an original business product or service, complete with a viable business plan.

The resulting ideas were certainly unique. In a nod to eco-conscious consumerism, Team “Water Girls” came up with a calendar that monitors water usage with the aim of helping customers conserve and save money.

“Teenage Touch” presented a mini-service salon offering a range of beauty services aimed at girls. The young women pictured above created “Oh!Zone”, a 5-in-1 game aimed at getting adults and teen girls to talk about touchy issues like health and self-esteem.

“By learning firsthand how women are successful in the traditionally male-dominated business world, they’re able to envision themselves as leaders in business or any career they pursue,” Girls Inc. President Joyce Roché told Reuters.

Photo by Reuters.

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