Earlier this week, Jet Blue announced an all you can jet plan for the month of September:

Enjoy unlimited travel with our All-You-Can-Jet Pass! For just $599 you can take JetBlue anywhere you like, as often as you like, from September 8 to October 8, 2009. Use your All-You-Can-Jet Pass for business, for pleasure, to visit your favorite cities or to meet with a client. You might as well just do it all! With more than 50 cities to choose from, and for just $599, it’s a deal you can’t pass up.

This kind of pricing structure is incredibly disruptive in the airline industry, because most flights cost about the same amount.

Think about this kind of pricing for your business. Is there a way that you could get people to prepay for the ability to use your service an unlimited amount? One example would be a pizza restaurant that offered a membership for $100 per month (prepaid) that allowed their customers to stop in and get a medium pizza anytime they wanted for free.

Does this get your imagination going?

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