An Unbelievable Boss!

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photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg (Powi)..away

Today we keep hearing about several companies laying off people left and right or even just out right firing people on a daily basis, cutting wages, vacation time and sick leave time. When a manager gets a list of people to ax, it must go through their mind at some point that those people are hard workers with young children relying on them. I recently read an article posted on Harvard Business regarding a boss who actually laid himself off!

That’s right, when he was handed the list of people to lay off he saw two names on this list of men who he had taught and come to be very close with and fond of. Knowing these two particular men were extremely great workers and both had young families to take care of, he made the decision to lay himself off.

Luckily over his 30 year career with this electronics company he had saved up a nice chunk of retirement money for himself. While not exactly being ready to retire and quit the business, he still put other’s before himself in order to save two entire family futures. Now that has got to be the boss of the year if I have ever heard of one!

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