Eliminate The Clutter From Your Website

Kevin's Powerbook
photo credit: jluster

If you don’t know the primary goal of your website or you have a variety of goals, objectives and ideals for your website than you may be suffering from what I like to call, “MPNS” or “Multi-Purpose No Success” syndrome.

Pick the most important goal that you have for your website and focus on that rather than a bunch of small ideas and concepts. Every website should have ONE main goal or objective that revolves around everything else on their site.

When you have numerous things posted throughout your website this can tend to look cluttered and become distracting to those who are viewing it which in turn can lead to them crossing you off their list of sites to view, not to mention… no referrals will be made in your honor.

Make sure your website is search-able. Rather than having everything crammed on one page, have several pages that will display all of your ideas, information, and ads on several different well put together pages. In business it can sometimes be the littlest thing that strikes someones attention and makes a huge difference for your company, recently posted on Small Biz Trends.

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