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What is your customer experience like? Are you “wowing” key customers with personalized service? With so much business occurring online, wows aren’t easy to come by these days. To make your company top of mind, you must find ways to build vibrant personal customer relationships, even in the digital age. Stated on

  • Start offering customer service refresher courses. Offer these maybe once a year. You can even make this a fun Saturday event providing some sort of breakfast or lunch for the employees. Make these courses mandatory for all employees that handle customers, but make sure to offer more than one optional day and time.
  • Take note of all customer complaints and handle them in a timely and friendly manner. Bend over backwards if need be in order to satisfy the unhappy customer. This will prove a sense of customer loyalty and the word will spread about your exceptional customer service habits.
  • Make sure you have the right people working in the right position’s within your company. If there is someone in customer service who is not exactly a “people person” then they should probably be switched to a different sector of the company.