Use Your Referrals To Create More Revenue

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The fact is, referrals can generate much more new business than most companies realize. Yet you can’t just sit back and wait for your current customers or clients to send new business to you. You need a plan. Here’s a simple three-step process for generating more business to increase revenue through referrals.

First thing first, sit down with a pad of paper and a pen and start thinking of people that you already know who may be able to bring some business your way. Then ask for one referral from each person on that contact list.

When the referrals you asked for start coming in, rather than handing the list to someone else to deal with, take care of them personally. After all YOU are the one who asked for their business which means you are probably the name they were given and referred to.

These new referrals have the potential to become long term clients of yours if you play your cards right. So don’t get after them like gang busters as this will push them away. Follow-up with them diligently and professionally but not aggressively as if your a lion waiting to pounce on them, as suggested on Biz Unite.

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