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photo credit: Bumi

In today’s world of growing technology, there are so many sites that businesses can and do belong to such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more.  So how do you know if you are truly getting everything that there is to offer out of these type of sites for your business? Here are some suggestions that I recently came across on Duct Tape Marketing on how you can get the most out of your Facebook account.

  • Create a custom HTML by adding a fan page to your account. This will create several different tabs on the page where you can store, add, and list many different things regarding your business.
  • Take full advantage of the extra features such as the videos, events, updates and apps on Facebook. You have endless opportunities to promote several different aspects of your company using these features.
  • Ads for awareness – I think that Facebook has built one of the better ad targeting tools going. You can target ads to Facebook members on all kinds of criteria and run pretty low cost campaigns. The trick though is to run campaigns that are compelling and promote your FaceBook Fan Page instead of trying to sell something.