Should You Apologize In Business?

Sorry - On Australia Day
photo credit: spud murphy

As a person who once worked outside of the home, I have had my fair share of business people who truly are in the wrong but fail to ever admit such a thing, nonetheless apologize for their actions. So I was happy to see that My Venture Pad recently posted an article on apologizing in business and how to do it effectively.

Rather than give a fake 2 second “I’m sorry”, it is suggested that you actually seem sincere when apologizing and take responsibility for your actions, no one is perfect. Even the boss is liable to make some mistakes somewhere.

Stay away from using the words “if” and “but”, this makes it sound like you’re really not apologizing. Like you are stating that “if” they had only not provoked you then you wouldn’t have snapped at them, or you were in a great mood all day “but” they started it with something they did to you first.

Conflict is inevitable — destructive conflict is not. Clarity can prevent conflicts. Deal with conflicts sooner rather than later. Proving that you are right isn’t necessarily winning.

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