Most people seem to be in agreement these days that simple ideas often offer the best solutions. Here’s an invention that fits the bill perfectly. Prepara has invented NASA-technology enhanced at-home plant growers that don’t need soil. Which, if you have a black thumb and an incurable love of plants like I do, could be a godsend.

“You’ll see the simplicity of the power plants growing technology allows you to be bug, worm and dirt free,” says the site. “It sits discreetly on your sunny window sill, is very low maintenance, grows quicker and fuller plants and takes the guesswork out of growing.”

This is especially appealing because for people who don’t use chemical fertilizers or pesticides, apartment gardening can present it’s share of problems. (Specifically, bug infestations in pot soil–to which I’ve lost many a plant.) This eliminates that, and the black-thumb conundrum.

It might not be for everyone, and it might not have the same aesthetic appeal as good old terracotta planters, but it does seem to mean idiot-proof herbs at your fingertips.

Photo by Prepara.

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