What Not To Do On Twitter

 Plurk to the rescue!
photo credit: hellfroze

We always talk about all of the right moves you should make in your business, but I feel it is equally important to talk about what to stay away from and what not to do in your business. If you have a Twitter account for your company or you are thinking about getting one, look below for the most common mistakes you may want to avoid on Twitter as found on Open Forum:

  • Don’t forget you are always on. Meaning, that the tone of what you post is one of the biggest keys in your success with Twitter. Always re-read your posts out loud to yourself before the final post is created.
  • Don’t Tweet as a shock value asset. Yes, you may get higher traffic for a short period of time and more business due to your shocking posts, but it will die off eventually. Your better off Tweeting for those who are faithful members of Twitter.
  • Don’t just partially fill out your profile. Many make the mistake of choosing what to fill out and what not to fill out, expecting that people won’t read certain parts anyways. What about those who particularly look for the parts that you don’t fill out? You will most likely loose their business if they can’t find the information they want.

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