Working With Your Virtual Assistant

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In today’s world of technology, booming Internet applications, and businesses, many online business owners are going out and finding themselves a VA (Virtual Assistant). There are many different aspects to having a VA versus a regular assistant. Open Forum recently listed some thing’s to remember when working with your VA.

  • You may never even meet your VA in person even if they have been working with you for 10 years or more. Most, if not all, of your communication will be online or via telephone and faxes.
  • Always remember the geography aspect, meaning that they live in a different state than you. Make sure that you are familiar with their laws and regulations as well as they are familiar with the ones residing in your state.
  • Always make sure you are providing specific details of instructions on what you want them to do and what you do not want them to do. Since there are time zone aspects and the fact they are not sitting 5 feet from your office, you’ll want to make sure they are clear from the get go on what to do.
  • Ask them for progress reports. Lets say that a project you give is going to take them 3 day’s. You could have them report back to you the morning of the second day to let you know what their progress is on that project, that way you know for sure they are on track.
  • The first month you work with your virtual assistant, it might actually take you more time to accomplish the task. By the time you write up instructions, vet candidates, get used to working with the remote employee, send back work with more instructions, and spend your time fixing mistakes in the final product, it might take considerably more time than if you had done the task yourself.

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