Challenges That Social Media Bring To Business

photo credit: country_boy_shane

The use of social media is definitely on the rise. Social media has an impact on almost every aspect of business, and sadly many employees have been fired due to the miss use of it. The problem is that social media is so easy, effective, and located everywhere throughout your company. Below are the main challenges that Harvard Business feels every business should be planning for.

  • The integration of social media into every aspect of your business including marketing, PR and more. This may mean the need to hire a chief officer to handle the social media division of your business.
  • Human Resources will be a huge challenge for most businesses who are switching over to a “social” business. This will mean that all of the human resource policies will need to be reviewed, changed immediately, and then handed back out to every employee.
  • There will now be a strong need for governance, such as listening to their customers and employees more often so that they know what is being said about the company and where it is being said. More over, they will need policies and procedures to follow when certain situations arise where the company may be in trouble due to conversation regarding them.
  • Measurement & ROI. Every organization will continue to struggle with measuring results and reporting ROI. Philosophically, this question can be answered with another question: “what’s the ROI of e-mail”? But it’s a question that won’t go away. New social constructs will be needed to measure social initiatives such as attention (the size or number of participants actively engaged) or authority (the amount of influence a participant has in the ecosystem).

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