Create Sales From Customer Calls

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Some business owners, as well as their employees, see customer calls as a hassle, a potential for disaster. However, Small Biz Technology had an interesting point of view on customer calls. It was stated that there is a way for you to turn these calls into more sales for your company.

FonGenie provides an “interactive response” system for incoming callers. What’s neat about it is that it’s all web based and you can program the system by typing. No need to record the voice prompts. FonGenie reads what you type, so you don’t have to record it with your voice.

By avoiding customer calls this creates a potential for loss of sales within your company. Just imagine if you had an automated system such as FonGenie, you could better direct your callers and in the end, not only to keep their business but possibly sell them an upgrade or a whole other product to make their life easier. And this can be done just by having this automated system to better service them and direct them in the first place.

FonGenie also keeps track of what prompts are the most popular by your customers, this means that you can plan ahead and put those more popular prompts first in line. You can also add prompts such as your monthly specials and sales towards the front of the list. This feature in the long run could prove to be very effective in ensuring your customers future business as well as new business by word of mouth from your happy clients.

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