Simplify Your Day With Two Steps

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More often than not our days are hectic, stressful, and complicated when they don’t need to be, and we are usually the cause of it. Here are two very simple steps I recently read about on Harvard Business in making your day simpler.

Start with your own actions and behavior. Think about all of the times you have sat through a meeting that was boring, took too long on one single issue, didn’t have important issues brought up, and more. Yet most of the time we don’t give any sort of feedback, advice, or voice our opinions on the matter, so it continues and sometimes gets worse.

Start putting in your two cents and advice, the problem can never be fixed if no one is publicly aware of the problem. Get others involved in your new actions and way of thinking. Encourage your co-workers and fellow employees to stand up and start giving their feedback. Help everyone get in the habit of working as a team and finding solutions to problems and concerns that are often easily fixed.

Encourage other people to experiment along with you, and to share what works and what does not. Look together at processes that cut across your functions, and how you might streamline hand offs and interactions. Talk about issues that you can’t tackle alone, but might be opportunities for group problem-solving.

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