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photo credit: MGShelton

When putting together a presentation it can be agitating trying to figure out the best tools to use and the best way to put it all together so it will not only keep everyones attention but will also look professional and run smoothly. Below are some extremely useful tools that are sure to help your presentation become a sure success.

  • Slideshare is a great tool for putting your presentations on networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Prezi is a rather new tool to the presentation world that gives you access to a large canvas for putting up your videos and pictures.
  • AuthorStream is an awesome tool for turning your PowerPoint into video which ultimately lets you get into other networks such as YouTube, as suggested on Small Biz Trends.
  • Myplick lets you upload your presentation and then add audio to it. It is a slide hosting service, smaller and less well known than Slideshare, but because it helps you place audio into the presentation, I include it here. They give you various options for including your audio into a presentation allowing you to upload a video with the sound you want.

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