As a work at home parent, no one knows better than us what can happen if we don’t manage our time properly. The Denver Women’s Business Examiner recently posted her list of 10 time management mistakes that happen to ring true for all mompreneurs, whether or not you’re in Denver. Below are 5 of those mistakes.

#1 Mistake: Being a slave to your email or cell phone (and now Twitter)

By learning how to manage these tools, you can often reclaim a full hour of productive time every day.

#2 Mistake: Fighting fires

When you take care of tasks before they become emergencies, they often require less time, energy and resources and turn out better, are more creative and even more profitable than they do as full-fledged emergencies.

#3 Mistake: Not using an effective task list

An effective task list, adapted to your needs and style, is an extraordinarily powerful tool to save time and increase your productivity.

#4 Mistake: Ignoring your personal time management style

Knowing your learning style (visual, auditory, kinestetic) will allow you to develop tools and strategies that actually work for you.

#5 Mistake: No contingency planning

What if you child gets sick the evening before an important meeting? Having a backup plan, allows you to immediately spring into action and deal with the emergency effectively and quickly.

Photo by laffy4k