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You’ve had your laser printer, external hard drive or keyboard for a few months and all of a sudden, it’s behaving strangely. The issue you’re having might be addressed in the troubleshooting section of the product’s manual, and you want to to take a look before diving into whatever information a Web search may provide. Sadly, you can’t find the manual that came in the box.

With Manuals Online, you can search for the product, find a downloadable PDF of the manual you need, and store it digitally so you never have to look for it again. If you still can’t find the answer, you can engage the community at Manuals Online for help with your device as well.

Manuals Online boasts over 300,000 product manuals for a remarkably wide range of items, including refrigerators, MP3 players, blood-pressure monitors, and chainsaws. All of the products are organized and cross referenced by item type and manufacturer, so even if markings on the device indicating who the manufacturer was have long worn away, if you can read the model number, you may be able to find a match.

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